Hotel on Melbourne’s Eastlink

Hotel by Callum Morton.

On Eastlink.

Melbourne. Victoria.


Hotel by Callum Morton is located in an open field beside the East Link Freeway, Melbourne, Australia

Hotel is a large scale model of a high rise hotel in an open field. Hotel is effectively a giant folly. Motorists will view it from the car as an actual hotel and perhaps over time as a strangely de-scaled prop that has escaped the theme park or film set.

“Hotel continues the development of what amounts to a parallel built universe that I have been constructing alongside the real world for a number of years.

In this world things appear in unlikely contexts in oddly de-scaled and altered form, as if they have been pushed down a portal from the recent past and popped out mistakenly in this time and place. Hotel appears as a piece of roadside architecture, only there are no other buildings for miles and you can’t get in.

Source: – williewonker