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Eastlink is a waste of money

A fake hotel – you can look, but don’t try to stop to check in. It’s only artwork. Like many pieces of art (especially government-funded types), art can be a waste of money. The fake hotel is no exception. If anything, the fake hotel is a distraction to drivers travelling on Eastlink for the first time, trying to see how to get to it.

Source: moronstalkingrubbish.com

OttoAu, Fri, 18 May 2012 12:39 pm

Is it possible to take a girl to this hotel and have sex with her?
Or is it not operational?
Is it like those Motel F1’s?

Source: moronstalkingrubbish.com

Which doorway would you most like to go through?

Callum Morton’s Hotel on Eastlink. It’s such a successful cool work and it would be great to go through the door of that hotel. The first time you pass, it glimpses in the back of your mind and then you realise it’s a little bit small and desolate and there’s no driveway. Although it is a sculpture it would be exciting to imagine what would be in there – probably twins in a corridor, a cleaning lady listening to weird music, some characters from The Shining.

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